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Beautiful Days
« on: January 16, 2019, 07:31:19 PM »

A highlight for many of the festival year
Is an event down in Devon where the Levellers appear
For it is their very own festival called Beautiful Days
And which is frequently awarded deserved high praise

From home and abroad via sea, rail and air
People all go to have some fun and to share
In the festival experience that always sells out
Without needing to put any posters about

Some buy their tickets with no doubt and no thought
Whilst some like to know acts before their tickets are bought
Yet despite all the warnings when the stock's running low
There will always be some who think there's ages to go

But then it sells out leaving some folk bereft
Who wish they'd bought tickets when there were still plenty left
The fraudsters and touts are certainly no joke
But there can be last minute deals between genuine folk

Social media and Twickets friends of friends too
All get a search just in case something comes through
It's a lifeline for those who didn't purchase or plan
There are many good reasons why not everyone can

When the ticket comes through around mid-July
The excitement starts mounting as time hurries by
Soon thought will be given to what's in the drawers
Before everything's out strewn across tables and floors

Some are festival newbies and haven't a clue
Of what they should pack or what they should do
But for those who have been so often before
They are already prepared for partying outdoors

With 5 days to go the weather apps checked
And it's all fingers crossed that it's actually correct
Although as you still can't be certain of wind rain or shine
You pack wellies and sun cream (just in case that it's fine)

The car's loaded up the camper vans too
And most head on south to join the festival queue
Some travel north from the west or the east
All heading towards the Beautiful Days feast

With Escot approaching the road signs appear
Showing red dots and blue dots - the directions quite clear
Before the road disappears and the car park's revealed
And you hope upon hope you're not in the far away field

With the car safely parked it's time to unload
Some put bags on their backs and some trolleys get towed
Security's important so it can take some time
To get from the car to the ticket exchange sign

Your ticket gets ripped and now you've a wristband to show
Across the whole site wherever you go
There are a variety of colours so the stewards can tell
If you're a child or an adult or can go back stage as well

But still keep your ticket as you will need it in case
You go off the site and want to return to the place
Where your tent will be pitched and your stuff set about
You don't want to miss things by being locked out

Now you've got all your stuff through the security gates
And it's time to link up with your family and mates
It's time to pitch tents put the pegs in the ground
Trying not to be too close to the next one around

There are tents of all colours sizes and shapes
With flags on the top or surrounded by tape
So when you return after more than one drink
You can find your own tent without having to think

A few trips are made to the car and then back
It's always the same no matter how well you pack
And just when you think you've got everything set
You realise there is still something else left to get

If it's not that important it can stay there until
You return the next day with the clothes overspill
Cos for now it's important you settle on in
Catching up with old friends over a brew or a tin

If it's been totally missed it's not a big thing
As there's always a shop to replace what you've forgotten to bring
Camping gear, beds, pumps, chairs or gas
Kettles or matches you just have to ask

If it's raining they'll have the wellies put out
But if the sun rears its head there'll be hats all about
There's the village shop too selling papers and milk
Chocolate bars, water and things of that ilk

You part with a fiver at the merchandise stall
And in return get a programme but that won't be all
As you spy a hoodie and t-shirt but can't decide which
So end up with both because they both flippin fit!

The Beautiful Days logo and the bands' rolling 'A'
All feature heavily on the goods on display
Whether a keyring, umbrella, lanyard or flag
You can put them all into a Levellers bag

Jewellery stalls, bag stalls and clothing that's bright
All sit alongside stalls selling something you might
One day will need although you never did know
Like a spinner or charm that rug or that throw

You can buy recycled clothes instead of buying brand new
A bottle to top up to conserve water too
Put your waste in the bins that are separately marked
There's an area for glass, general waste and your card

On Friday it all opens with an acoustic Levs set
Folk squeeze in The Big Top any space they can get
You will find Simon and Mark singing their own well-known songs
Before Stephen with his didgeridoo comes along

There's Matt on the keyboards and Jon on the fiddle
With Charlie on drums at the back near the middle
There's Jez on the left in his usual space
A talented artist and player of bass

A thing about festivals are bands you stumble upon
Who you would never have heard of or even less gone
To see as a main band or even support
But turn out far better than you would ever have thought

There are sounds to suit all of your musical tastes
Rock, punk and folk or maybe African based
Ska, dance, electronic or a comedy twist
You'll always find something if you check out the list

Theatre tent, Bandstand, Big Top, Bimble Inn
Just like the Rebel invite you all to pop in
The Little Big Top is there with DJs as hosts
And of course there's the main stage where folk congregate most

If you are disabled there is camping specifically for you
There are two viewing platforms to help aid your view
If you get stuck in the mud and your chair starts to list
There will always be someone around to assist

Head to the bandstand for great acts, open mic
Acts new and established depends what you like
Talented youth - showcasing some of the best
Alongside John Robb and some of his guests

If you can stay up quite late there's a place you should go
Head on up, put on head phones at the silent disco
See if you can last there for the whole of the night long
Dancing and singing to those known disco songs

The Rebel tent's there to garner debate
And help harness the love and abolish the hate
Whatever your view, because we won't all agree
It's a great place to stop and a great place to be

There's the Magpie with vinyl where acts play outside
The merch with band signings and their wares sold inside
There is something occurring wherever you look
In every cranny and every nook

There's a ladder to climb all covered in grease
A bell and a hammer to aid stress relief
Another stall has china you're welcome to smash
There's loads of good stuff to help you part with your cash

Big wheel, helter skelter you're welcome to try
Do give them a go and don't just walk by
There's a cycle to pedal to create a fruit drink
Give it a go and see what you think

There are people on stilts year after year
Morris Dancers and jugglers and a few puppeteers
To entertain and then guide you around the festival site
Like the bubbles and torches lit night after night

There are talented artists all making their mark
With some of their work lighting up after dark
Like the fox on the fiddle standing tall in the field
There is so much to see if you keep your eyes peeled

The woodwork is there for all to admire
And to sit on and rest if your legs start to tire
You can just of course sit down on the grass
But if it's been raining you'll probably just want to pass

There's a fancy-dress day which each year changes theme
There's been spots, stars and flowers and a colourful scheme
All judged by a Leveller so next year you may
Get a free ticket to Beautiful Days

It's hands back in the air as over the small bridge you go
Ensuring it's the arm with the wristband you show
And for those who have not yet reached the age of 18
You'll still need to show it even if you don't want it seen

Of course, no festival's complete without an odd beer or two
And what better to try than the main Otter Brew
Dirty Davey, Hope Tavern, Redwood, Fiddlers Arms
It won't take you long to fall for their charms

There's the Bimble Inn too where you can drink and chill out
Relaxing on beds or the cushions throughout
It's worth a trip down and you can go there at will
As long you can make it back up the hill

A friend will always take advantage of fact
That you've had too much to drink and you're flat on your back
The photograph taken will now reappear
On somebodys timeline year after year

As you stagger uphill after another day gone
And realise the tent you fall into is wrong
You have a choice of to stay there or try to get up
But if you stay try explaining your little mix up

When you see someone crawling out of their very own tent
Wondering where on earth their life last night went
You can supply them with caffeine whilst reminding them that
They were helped back to base before they finally fell flat

With breakfast set up and sizzling away
There's all sorts of ways people start their new day
Fry up or cereal, more hair of the dog
It's even been known for some to go for a jog

There's Caribbean and Mexican a noodle bar too
Fish and chips, hog roast, pizza all sorts you can choose
There's vegan and veggie if you don't like dairy or meat
With so much variety there's always something to eat

You can find crumpets and cheesecake, gateaux, desserts
Most of the time a small portion won't hurt
After all you are here to have a blooming good time
And eating some chocolate is certainly no crime

The Tiny Tea Tent is another festie tradition
Serving you drinks in real mugs on condition
That you return them to staff all safe and all sound
So you can recover your deposit of one English pound

There are signs all around showing where you can go
A sign offering children alone an espresso
There's a signpost showing you there's more than 'One Way'
But you can't get too lost at Beautiful Days

The teenager's hub is next to the youngsters main stage
But the whole area is there for any young age
An area dedicated for them and their chums
To spend some time away from their dads and their mums

It's the place where a game against Levellers is found
And there'll always be someone who ends up on the ground
A whole lot of noise from excited young minds
That's exactly an aim of a festival this kind

The aforementioned trolleys get changed to kids beds
When they've had a full day and become small sleepy heads
Festooned with bright lights so they'll be skirted not kicked
Which with so many dancing you can never predict

If the kids have overdone it on the 'E" numbers and coke
Like some kind of hangover it can be no kind of joke
But with yoga for all ages including with young babes in arms
It shouldn't be too long before a return to the calm

There are areas for massage, healing and peace
To soothe your tired muscles and help tension release
With the empathy tent never too far away
You can always find somewhere to clear your worries away

If you run out of money you can get cash on the site
You can leave your phone safe on charge overnight
Any items mislaid while drunk or when sober
Lost property will receive and gladly hand over

If through accident or illness you're needing some care
St Johns are on hand to look after you there
As like so many others volunteering their time
To ensure that your weekend is just dandy and fine

The place everyone needs but there's often a queue
Is the carefully positioned and green portaloos
As is always the case they're kept exceptionally clean
By someone called Andy and the rest of his team

There are showers available if a wet wipe won't do
But there are also cold taps if you don't want to queue
For washing hair, cleaning teeth or dishes and mugs
Although no one much cares about a few festival bugs

If you don't want to camp you are allowed to leave site
And return the next day after spending the night
In a guest house or hotel with a comfortable bed
And a hot shower which is probably all that needs to be said

Tripping over the guy ropes on the uneven terrain
You return to find friends who have camped once again
Comparing your thoughts on the bands you all saw
In the different areas on the night time before

The great thing about festivals is you can just be yourself
And do things you wouldn't dare do anywhere else
Wear odd clothes and some glitter, sing at three in the morning
Although the latter might get you a 'I'M TRYING TO SLEEP' warning

With your fez put away you think that will be that
Until you find a small peg on your coat or your hat
Painting a rock is the latest new craze
And there's definitely been one at Beautiful Days

Sat by a tree, bench or flag, or a different place
You will all have your own favourite festival space
For some it's in front of the stage or a bar
For others it's sat by a tent with guitar

The years of the rain, the mud and the wellies
You manage to cope but it can get quite smelly
But you still have a good time and plenty of fun
It just seems so much better if there's plenty of sun

On the last night the Levellers do an electric based show
Stuff new and old such as The Shame, Riverflow
The crowd on their feet for a dance and a sing
Everyone really just doing their thing

So then come the fireworks to signal the end
Of a magnificent weekend with fabulous friends
Until of course next year when it's all on repeat
And you arrange the same trip and the same friends to meet

You say lots of goodbyes as you go different ways
Some friends head off now, some the following day
All agreeing to meet at the next Levellers gig
Or to watch someone else where you can meet for a jig

With the car park now empty as you've all hit the road
There are many good people to whom huge thanks are owed
The bands and the artists for singing their songs
And people who work hard long after you've gone

They have worked through the year to ensure you the best
Booking all of the bands as well as managing the guests
Ensuring that everything is built for day one
And everything's ready as you head to the fun

As you head home and think about the days just gone past
Wondering how on earth the time goes so fast
There is one thing to keep in your mind for always
There is nothing quite like Beautiful Days

I'm sure there are some people that I've forgotten to mention
But that's certainly an error and not my intention
This is just my own thoughts and in so many ways
You will all have your memories of your Beautiful Days
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Re: Beautiful Days
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Very enjoyable  read and nothing missed out, exellent  x
  Life `s for living , not for working, and iv`e got better things to do.....