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Re: Meet the Levs in the past... LIVE
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" The 20 greatest Glastonbury performances ranked...

;)A gigantic crowd stretching away
over hill and vale.
A generation s prejudices and expectations overturned like a flick of dust off the shoulder. A 40-minute blast of pure, undiluted zeitgeist. A setlist chiselled into quicksilver by Zeus and carried to the stage by a choir of winged roadies. Or maybe just the Dalai Lama, blowing out the candles on a birthday cake.

These are just a few of the reasons why a gig playing out on the hallowed grounds of Worthy Farm might go down in Glastonbury folklore  - one of those iconic moments that don t just make the weekend, but mark out the evolution of pop culture. Glastonbury is where musical history is made and cultural colossi are crowned on a near-annual basis...
 Mark Beaumont picks some of Glastonbury's greatest moments to s our rundown of the sets that almost toppled the Tor.

xx. The Levellers - Pyramid Stage 1994

Sometimes quantity really does matter as much as quality. Without a steel fence to keep the gatecrashers away, Glasto was officially free and the Levellers played to what is reported to have been the festival s largest ever crowd to date, estimated at 300,000. " 
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